Inspired by Stine

“The greatest reward of all, is the ability to inspire others and gift present and future generations with hope. It’s a gift that never expires.”- Dr. Izuakor

Quotes from People Inspired by Stine

“You give young girls like me inspiration, someone to look up to, sometimes when I am faced with a challenge, I tell myself if you can do so much with your life at such a young age, then I have no excuse.” – Cynthia O. (Nigeria)

“Thank you for the inspiration to move forward towards my goals! PhD here I come!” – Tammy L. (New Mexico)

“It’s people like you that give others hope, greater determination and motivation to achieve what they would normally have been reluctant to do. I am sure that you have opened doors and possibly paved the way for many people.” – Niven M. (South Africa)

“You didn’t just do this for you, but for those of use whose big dreams are not yet executed.” – Tamara A. (United Kingdom)

“Such an inspiring story to many people, especially young girls around the world, who still doubt their abilities to achieve their dreams.” – Christine C. (Kenya)

“World inspiring story!” – Lakshmi J. (India)

“Your achievements come as strength to me on a day I’ve spent feeling tired and down with almost all that surrounds me. Thank you so much. I cannot give up now.” –Chidinma E. (Nigeria)

“Your achievements will inspire young and old, across the gender divide alike.” – Tefo G. (South Africa)